This is the Christmas Card 

of 2002 ;-) )


2002; what a year in Nangijala !!!!


Championships results-02:

Congratulations to all !

Nr. 1 in Norwegian Championship IPO III:
IPO III Psycho Ø. av Nangijala
(Valentin R. av Nangijala x Lei-anns Noja)
Terje Hammerseng
Nr. 2 in Norwegian Championship IPO II
IPO II Frost Ak. av Nangijala (Now IPO III)
(Lork du Treize Tuniques d'Or x Lavinia X. av Nangijala)
Erik Engeland
Nr. 4 in Norwegian Championship in Search
Int.N.S.UCh., NS LCh., N.S.Br.Ch, KORAD, NV-92,94
Chac Mool C. av Nangijala
(Ceres Gambler x Black Hawkwind's Mosambique)
Elisabeth Bekkeli
Nr. 6 in Norwegian Championship in Search
S.N.Br.Ch, N.UCh. Smeagol K. av Nangijala
(Flap de la Fontaine aux Sylphes x Eclypse de l'Cinse a Mouqu's)
Kim Pedersen
Nr. 8 in Norwegian Championship in Search
Gondor Z. av Nangijala
(Lei-anns Nitrolit x Faramir N. av Nangijala)
Mabel Brekke
Nr. 3 in Swedish Championship in Defence
S.Br.Ch. Gulo Gulo W. av Nangijala
(Jerv des Loups Mutins x Pamh)
Monica Andersson
Nr. 7 in Swedish Championship in Message
S.Br.Ch, KORAD Dol Goldur U. av Nangijala
(Lei-anns Nitrolit x Arwen G. av Nangijala)
Eddy and Astrid Karlsson
Nr. 2 in Swedish Policedog Championship
Tj.h. S.Br.Ch, S.LCh. Meles Meles W. av Nangijala "Martin"
(Jerv des Loups Mutins x Pamh)
Lars Henrik Fridh


Nr. 5 in Swedish Policedog Championship
Tj.h. Alf (Bror Albert kom 26.)
(Jerv des Loups Mutins x Gilraen G. av Nangijala)
B.E. Ljungløv


Nr. 6 in Swedish Policedog Championship
Tj.h. Mefisto R. av Nangijala "Kvikk"
(Mask des Deux Pottois x Zagal's Yeti)
Thomas Sandsten


Nr. 8 in Swedish Policedog Championship
Tj.h. Lei-anns Nitrolit "Nitro"
(Elgos du Chemin des Plaines x Pamh)
Handler: Anders Holmbom,
Owner: Leif Carlsson / Emte Jahnsen


Nr. 10 in Swedish Policedog Championship
Tj.h. Sirith Z. av Nangijala
(Lei-anns Nitrolit x Faramir N. av Nangijala)
Cathrin Sandgren
Nr. 1 in Nordic Championship in Search
Int.N.S.UCh., NS LCh., N.S.Br.Ch, KORAD, NV-92,94
Chac Mool C. av Nangijala
(Ceres Gambler x Black Hawkwind's Mosambique)
Elisabeth Bekkeli
Nr. 4 in Nordic Championship in Defence
S.Br.Ch. Gulo Gulo W. av Nangijala
(Jerv des Loups Mutins x Pamh)
Monica Andersson
NKK, Hamar (show): Best of breed and Nordic Winner 2002 !!
N.UCh. Leonardo da Vinci Ai. av Nangijala
(Buddy v. Lanas Hof x Bente Kim v. Lanas Hof)
Aina Rønning
Nordic Winner search-02 Elisabeth and Chac 


Looking back at 2002:


Now we have been moving from our house in Sarpsborg, to a little farm
1 hour north of Sarpsborg, in Trøgstad close to Askim. 
We hope to buy it, and we will know rather soon.
It have been a lot of work, taking down all kennels and moving up here.
Thanks to all that have helped me !!!
 Allthough, to get kennels with a good quality, to make it easy to work with, 
it's still a lot of work remaining. 
But this place is one of the most beautiful spots on earth !
I have enjoyed every minute I've been here so far. 

Here are some pictures from last summer:

The house

The farm houses

The old smithy

The view down the "valley".
Her will my icelandic horses enjoy 
life in summer
Moving to a new place  is also one of the reasons why my 
website is not updated regularely lately. 
And also the reason why I don't write so long mails these days.....
The website ..
....passed 3 year on the net the 1.december-02.
So far we have had 43.000 visitors !
Thanks to Sara Olofsson and Magnus Brenne that made my website for me !
The last two years I have updated it myself, it's a lot of work.
 I will start updating in early 2003, 
we hope to catch up before the spring, 
so just keep on sending results to me.
New breed:
I have introduced a new breed, at least in my kennel....
The german shepherd puppy Sushi was bought last christmas. 
Now at age 1 year,  when we know that she is healthy, 
we decided to place her out on the website.
She is from pure french workinglines, and we have high hopes in her.
Our ambitions is to make good and healthy police- and workingdogs for all sports.


2002: We had following litters:


Adobe Acrobat Ap. av Nangijala to
Hyaena Hyaena Ab. av Nangijala
Bjørn Erik Tokerud had this litter, and it seems very promising so far.
So we decided to repeat it:  Puppies expected jan-03.
The father took a very good policetest (250p.), and will now join the policeforces 
in the south of Norway.
Falkvinden's Urgosh to
Granitt Delphy de l'Izaville
This is the first tervueren litter we have had with mainly malinois
workinglines behind (87,5%). And so far it looks real promising.
The police have 2 of them, and 2 are at Sch.H-interested homes.
1 export to USA and 1 to Finland..
We got the opportunity to travel to Holland in january-02, wich we apreciated very much ! Thanks Johanna, for taking care of my dogs !!
Rico v. Fort Oranje  to
Lavinia X. av Nangijala
This litter had a bad start with 3 weeks of bloody diarea. Since it was very contaminous, I could not deliver them at 8 weeks, but had to wait to be shure that they where healthy. 
It's not nice to get such things on the puppies, I can tell you.
Anyway, they are o.k. now, and people seem to be very satisfied with them.
3 is bought by the police.
New import:
I also bought a male puppy when I visited Fort Oranje. He has grown up to be a very nice dog, also with an exeptional deep and calm bite, and also an enormous voice. I have been very lucky getting a very good trainer taking care of him, so I'm shure we will se him in competitions soon..... 
Remember the name: Grim v. Fort Oranje
Why Grim ? Just to insure myself that he would never stay here: 
2 x Grim is too complicated ;-)
Greco Comme une Reve Noire to
Guernica Ao. av Nangijala
I have wanted to buy a puppy from Greco for some years.
So finally I was able to do a litter myself, since he moved to Sweden !!
The puppies turned out to be a very nice litter so far, and if I continue liking what
I se, I plan on using him again.
2 are exported to Great Britain, as soon as they are ready to leave.
Export in return: Also our malinois bitch that have been in Finland  
having a litter at Mec Berger Kennel have returned this autumn. 
But since I was in the middle of moving, she had her puppies in Sweden. 
Gunnar Furevik have had the litter, and I have been down looking at them, 
and brought a bitch home to Norway. 
She lives at Kongsberg in the Brantzæg family now, making their lives a misery ;-)))
Good luck with her !


Next years plans:


Expected malinois litter january-03:
Father: Adobe Acrobat Ap. av Nangijala, policedog test o.k., 250 p. Social, stable male with good nerves. Extremely good tracking and high preydrive.
Mother: Hyaena Hyaena Ab. av Nangijala, from our most extreme litter, bitch with extreme preydrive, calm deepe bite.
Same combination done last year "by accident".
This was such a good match, that we wanted to repeat it.
Expected malinois litter late january-03:
Father: Jerv des Loups Mutins, KORAD 240 p, workingchampion defence,
father to a lot of very good policedogs and workingdogs.
Mother: Elektra Ac. av Nangijala, mother to our promising Ar-litter.
Father, mother and 3 sisters/brothers are policetested o.k.
Tervueren plans:
We plan to mate Lei-ann's Xinganitt spring-03. Male is under planning.
We also consider to mate Amy v. Joefarm later in 03 if everything is o.k. on x-ray
Groenendael plans:
We plan to mate Bente Kim v. Lanas Hof with
Delta Phoenix Ag. av Nangijala. 
She started period in the middle of december, so she will soon be mated.
2 bitches will be lendt out for having litters at other kennels names, these are:
Salvie V. av Nangijala
Sigma Phoenix Am. av Nangijala
Good luck !
I'm shure it will be good workingprospects in both litters
Malinois plans:
If we have time and capacity, we consider mating either:
Mustela Erminea W. av Nangijala or
a new import bitch later in 2003.
Thanks for your attention !
Best regards Emte Jahnsen
and all the others here in Nangijala


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