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Photo: E. Jahnsen

Photo: IPO-Dog




We did breed malinois from workinglines from 1992 to 2006,
but we are not breeding malinois anymore.
Our dogs was used for: 
*Competition: Search, Tracking and Message
*Defenceprograms: IPO, Mondioring, Swedish defence program
*Policedogs: Defence, Bomb- and Narcotic-detectiondogs
*Guarddogs and patroldogs


Trening av Malinois:

Hvordan starte valpen i bitearbeid 1
Hvordan starte valpen i bitearbeid 2
Sporträning IPO 1
Sporträning IPO 2



We tested our malinoispuppies at 7 weeks (puppy-test),
to find the right puppy for every owner.
And we tested again on the MH-test at 15-24 months.
We did this to keep ourself informed on the mentality on
our offspring. We feel that the MH-test gave us the best 
information in wich litters/dogs  that is good for future breeding.
This information together with the health-information
was our base, when we pick our dogs for breed.
Also working-results and policedogtest was of big importance,
but the MH-test gave us the quickest answer possible
on the parents value in breed
Our goal was to breed healthy dogs with good working abilities.
This makes sometimes unpopular decisions,
when diseases shows up, but our choice is to be open with this,
for the best of the future for the working line Malinois.
Look out for breeders that deny that there are health problems in the breed !
Parents of all litters should be x-rayed in hips elbows and
lower parts of vertebra, since more and more L7S1 and spondylose
is showing at also young age in malinois.
Also other serious diseases have been seen:
PNP (kidneys)
PRA (eyes)
Cancer in liver and stomack



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