New IMP -05
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Born 6/2-99
HD: B, AD 0-0
Back is X-rayed: Healty
Eyes Clear 25/2-05
Bite: All teeth, scissors bite

HD: B, ěyne u.a.

Avkom i Finland:


MECBERGER FIRMIN B/B 1/1 muu muutos -

MECBERGER FJODOR A/A 0/0 no info -

MECBERGER FLOYD A/A 0/0 OK (09/2006) -

MECBERGER FORD B/B 0/0 OK (09/2006) -

MECBERGER FRANS - - no info -

MECBERGER FIDELMA A/A 1/1 OK (09/2006) -

MECBERGER FIONA A/A 0/0 OK (01/2007) -

MECBERGER FREYA A/A 0/0 OK (09/2006) -




Kukay┤s Xilla

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Imp from Belgien/Holland

HD: U.a.





Yuca v. L÷wenfels

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female imp. sept-02, delivered to minesearch 03

 HD: A-A, AD: 0-0
Gk. MH







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Hips A-A, Elbows 0-0
Mother to our extremely promising Ap-litter
IPO III: 98-96-94: 288p

Imported together with Bj°rn E. Tokerud


Pois Kottoo E-mail, photo: E. Jahnsen



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Imported from Holland
Hips/elbows excellent.
Mother to our Al-litter born 14. april-00 with Trass des Deux Pottois (1+1)
Exported to Finland 2000, but not able to make more puppies.
bildsandy.JPG (27491 bytes)
Photo: Emte Jahnsen


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Imported from Belgium "Pamh"
Hips/elbows excellent, charactertest o.k.
c/o-owned with kennel Lei-ann┤s (Sweden).
Mother to litters: W and Ab. (born 96, 98)
Now retired as a pet in Sweden
Photo: Leif Carlsson


N.UCh. Eclypse de L┤Cinse a Mouqu┤s

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Imported from France.
Hips: A, Norw. Ch. Her father was partisipant in the french
Championship in Ring III in the years from 1986-91:
Ch.Tr. Ultra du Domaine du Cameleon
His best result was to become nr. 2 !
He have also had a lot of good sons and grandsons competing
on high levels in french Ring.
Skipp is now retired, living in Vads°.
Mother of litters G, K and N.
Eclypse de L┤Cinse a Mouqu┤s,
Photo: Emte Jahnsen





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