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Our aim is to make the optimal dog for policework and dogsports like defencework, search, tracking etc.
In the following pages we present some results of the dogs we have bred.


We have 44 policetested dogs (Look at "Testresults" in bottom).

We have got diploma for many mentaltested offspring on some of our bitches. We have not send in all, but we should do ......

We have 29 dogs competing in highest level in workingclasses

We have 8 dogs that have got the title Workingchampion

We have 2 dogs that have participated in the IPO World Championship

We have 3 times Norwegian Championship-winners in search:

* 1995: Storeulv B. av Nangijala (M)

* 1997: Chac Mool C. av Nangijala (G)

* 1999: Storeulv B. av Nangijala (M)

Our males have made several policedogs and other good workingdogs also at other kennels.


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